The Commonwealth - Fast Facts

The Commonwealth is made up of 53 independent countries that work together to pursue common goals which promote development, democracy, and peace. Our combined population of 2.4 billion is almost a third of the global population.
  • Trade between Commonwealth countries is projected to surpass $1 trillion by 2020.
  • Half of the top 20 global emerging cities are in the Commonwealth.
  • Seven of the top 10 countries in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which measures rule of law, human rights, participation, human development and sustainable economic opportunity, are Commonwealth members.
  • Seven of the top 10 countries for gender equality in Sub-Saharan Africa are Commonwealth countries, according to World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2015.
  • Five of the best performing 15 countries in the Youth Development Index are Commonwealth members.
  • Since 1991, 12 Commonwealth member countries have moved to multi-party democracy from military or one-party rule.
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December 17, 2019

As ride-hailing apps proliferate the globe, the year-old An Nisa Taxi in Kenya is one of the standouts in Africa.  Developed by 33-year-old Mehnaz Sarwar, "An Nisa" is run by women and serves female passengers and children exclusively.

Ms. Sarwar sought to overcome...

August 30, 2019

Burning plastics releases poisonous gases that threaten the health of vegetation, humans, and animals.  About 12 per cent of most municipal solid waste is made up of plastic of one kind or another, and 40 per cent of the world’s garbage is burned, according to a the st...

August 30, 2019

In 2017 Tanzania’s anti-plastic initiative to “protect the youth and environment,” banned the manufacture of plastic bags and in-country distribution. 

As of June visitors to the country will have to leave their plastic bags at the port of entry.  Tanzania aim...

August 12, 2019

The #Commonwealth will assist the East African Community (#EAC) in implementing the authorised economic operator programme, which will offer easier customs clearance for exporters in the region.

Learn more about the new project #CommonwealthTrade

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January 20, 2019

This time a year ago Cape Town’s residents were in panic over tightening water restrictions as it looked to become the world’s first major city to run out of water. But, climate change’s arid reach is extending to other South African cities and towns.  R...

January 19, 2019

Despite Nigeria’s vast oil wealth, electricity supply is far from regular and makes life miserable and expensive.  Middle-class Nigerians can end up spending up to three times more running petrol or diesel power generators than they do on electricity bills....

December 3, 2018

The pan-African accelerator and lab will gather trailblazers in the African tech industry to discuss how blockchain and artificial intelligence can help tackle the challenges facing the continent. 

November 3, 2018

Tomorrow is #AfricaYouthDay! Join us across @CAMFED social media channels to meet the young women using their #education, #skills & experience to make the world a better place. Here are some of their remarkable stories: …...

October 12, 2018

#MondayMotivation #Legalawareness #Evidence A legal awareness session at Machakos Women's prison where inmates were enlightened on the role of evidence used in court and the different types of evidence that are relevant to the court.

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July 5, 2018

The @africanprisons is helping prisoners in #Kenya and #Uganda to follow in Nelson #Mandela’s footsteps by studying law from prison, overcoming adversity to create a fairer society for all. Find out more about the work of APP at 


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