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Commonwealth Day Greetings

As Commonwealth Day approaches, it is appropriate for us to remember the Commonwealth theme for 2016: “An Inclusive Commonwealth”. As we gather with friends and families for ceremonies on March 13th or 14th, let us think of other branches gathering across the country and also of the RCS groups around the world meeting for the same reason. The Commonwealth is unique. It is a unity of diversity; its peoples are united by common goals as they work to improve the lives of others. Challenges are met and difficulties are overcome by determination, hard work, and by the support of the entire Commonwealth community. We should be proud to be members of this Commonwealth family. This year, I am delighted to have an invitation to join the Vancouver Island Branch for Commonwealth Day. Fortunately, this has coincided with a personal visit to Victoria. To all of you across Canada, I send my best wishes for Commonwealth Day and for the year ahead. Full Story

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Basil Crozier - Chair


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