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The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS)

May 2020

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“A history in common, a future in progress”

The Royal Commonwealth Society, founded in 1868 and constituted by Royal Charter, is the oldest and largest civil society organization devoted to the modern Commonwealth.  With a global reach through its extensive network, we operate at the forefront of Commonwealth affairs, to improve the lives and prospects of all Commonwealth citizens.

Through youth empowerment, education, and advocacy, the Royal Commonwealth Society promotes the value and the values of the Commonwealth. We champion human rights, democracy and sustainable development across the 53 member states which are intrinsically linked through their common history and shared values.

The Society’s considerable convening power enables us to champion areas of social well-being, partnering with civil society, business and governments to identify challenges which inhibit prosperity, endanger the rights of citizens and limit opportunities throughout the Commonwealth.


Our education, youth-focussed and policy and research programmes seek to promote the value, and values, of the Commonwealth and to address the global challenges that face the Commonwealth today, such as: gender inequality; early and child marriage; access to education; social violence; the violation of rights for LGBT citizens, and; environmental threats.


The RCS is a registered charity, is non-partisan, and is independent of governments.


The foundation of the Society’s considerable international network is its self-governing branches, affiliated societies and individuals across and beyond the Commonwealth and the support of its volunteer Regional Coordinators.  The network draws from every Commonwealth nation, integrating individuals and organisations with civil society, government, and commerce.

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