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Shakespeare On the Platform (SHOP) $1,250 High School Competition - "find your voice"

"O youth, thy boundless potential doth beguile,
So come forth and let thy voice be heard,
In verse and prose, in line and word.


For in expression, we do find
The truest part of self and mind,
So speak from thine own heart, and show
Thy thoughts and feelings as they flow.


Let not the fear of judgment stay
Thy hand, or still thy tongue, but play
With words, and thoughts, and see what beauty
Thy mind doth fashion,


So thou mayst find thy own true voice,
And may it give thee a worthy choice."



The annual SHOP competition is a chance for Ottawa high school students to win prize money for themselves and their schools.  

Over more than 25 years, the Royal Commonwealth Society and English Speaking Union have given away over $30,000 dollars, through the annual Shakespeare on the Platform - SHOP competition.

Shakespeare's works are a study in psychology, they are still relevant today as many current programs like "Sons of Anarchy" are based upon them. Explore the seasons of life and the human condition: love, loss, courage, hatred, politics ... in the Bard's brilliant soliloquies and sonnets.   

Find your voice, build confidence, and hone your public speaking chops.  Learn how to influence others - it is not just what you say, but how you say it.  Get expert feedback from professionals and win some of the $1250 in prize money.

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