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“Educational institutions versus sustainable development”

Universities are in a prime position to promote sustainable development, writes Nutifafa Geh, 30, a Commonwealth Correspondent from Ho in Ghana, and can champion a “holistic” approach to education and action for a sustainable future.

Sustainable development teaches that development should be pursued in a manner whereby the needs of the present will be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is a global call for action and all institutions, especially educational institutions, have a key role to play in this grand scheme.

Students are also key stakeholders when it comes to achieving the sustainable development goals, and as present and future decision makers in society they need knowledge and skills to be able to contribute to building the World We Want. No organisation is better positioned to fill this gap than educational institutions (EIs). There are vast opportunities for EIs to invest in both physical and non-physical structures to create the needed environment at campuses for students to have first-hand experience about what it means to ‘go green’. Full Story


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