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Bharat Bandh today: What will function, what will not

The Left-affiliated central trade unions have called for a nationwide strike on September 2 to protest against ‘anti-labour policies’ of the government. The trade unions will also be joined by the employees of six public sector banks in their fight. Many banks have already communicated to their customers about the likely inconvenience. The possible fallout of the strike could mean a shutdown of banks, factories and government offices across the country.

Essential services such as banking, public transport and telecom will be hit. Commuters will have a tough time as many autorickshaw unions in big cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad have decided to keep off the roads on Friday.

What will remain open?

Since railways have opted out of the strike, trains will run smoothly. Schools and colleges, too, have not declared an official holiday. Though some public banks have decided to join the strike, private banks, ATMs will remain functional. Full Story


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