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Demonetisation critics are angry that they didn’t get even 72 hours to launder their stash, says Nar

Prime minister Narendra Modi on Nov. 25 hit back at the critics of the sudden move to demonetise currency notes of Rs500 and Rs1,000 denominations.

Modi said that those complaining are not concerned about the problems faced by the common man.

“There is little criticism of this decision of the government. But what are some people criticising it for? They are critical of the fact that the government did not prepare well,” Modi said in Hindi, speaking at a function in New Delhi to mark the occasion of Constitution Day. “The issue is not that the government was not well prepared. Such people are pained that the government did not give anyone time to prepare… If they had got even 72 hours to prepare, they would have praised me and my decision.” Full Story


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