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The key to innovating education in Africa will be to fix its financing

Africa is at risk of losing a generation of 21st century workers and job creators. If current trends continue, Africa will be home to one billion young people by 2050 but one-third of them will not be able to complete basic secondary education.

For children who are in school, things won’t be much better. While technology has dramatically transformed the modern workplace, many children are still learning the same way they did 100 years ago. This has led to a huge disconnect between what employers need and what future African workers and entrepreneurs are trained to do.

We know how education in Africa needs to change. We must take full advantage of technology by getting every school online and grow the digital learning infrastructure. Teachers should be better trained, paid and supported to enhance learning. It’s also critical for the private sector to be involved; that will help overcome the divide between the realities of the marketplace and what children learn in school.

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