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Boris Johnson Heading for Showdown With May in New York

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is again the focus in British politics after his challenge of Prime Minister Theresa May sparked speculation over whether he’s willing to resign if she softens her stance on Brexit or if he could be fired for insubordination.

Both May and her top diplomat will be New York this week before May delivers her big Brexit speech in Florence, Italy on Sept. 22. Johnson went out on a limb late Friday night -- on the same day as a terror attack -- with a 4,000-word essay about his “glorious” vision for post-Brexit Britain that some saw as a thinly veiled leadership bid.

In his Daily Telegraph article, Johnson argued the U.K. shouldn’t pay to access the single market for goods and services -- countering a plan floated by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Brexit Secretary David Davis. From the European Union’s perspective, the infighting in London does little to settle their concerns that May can say anything to break the deadlock in talks. Full Story

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