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Chair’s RCS 150th Anniversary Message

Today, June 26th, 2018, marks the 150th anniversary of The Royal Commonwealth Society around the world. As British influence around the world evolved, so did the Society, starting out as The Colonial Society in 1868. We changed to The Royal Colonial Society, then the Royal Colonial Institute, then the Royal Empire Society, and finally settling on The Royal Commonwealth Society, as the British Empire dissolved, with The Commonwealth of Nations rising from its ashes. The Society, from its early days, has embraced the diversity of The Commonwealth, and has been accepting of women. We have worked to promote the value of the Commonwealth and the values upon which it is based, upholding the Commonwealth Charter, promoting conflict resolution, peace-making, and democracy to improve the lives of its peoples. Of course, with the Commonwealth spread across the whole of Earth’s surface, the Society would also spread itself around the Commonwealth, and beyond. The Society has survived war, adversity, and other challenges – yet has retained its essence throughout. RCS Canada is proud to carry on with the mission of promotion of the Commonwealth into the next 150 years and beyond. Happy Anniversary to The Society, may we all continue our mission, and may the Commonwealth continue to evolve into a more perfect family. Joseph Zasada Chair, Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada June 26, 2018


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