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FOR many, yesterday marked the 12th day of Christmas signalling to all that festive decorations would have to be taken down. However, in some stores there remained some remnants of the Yuletide season.

When a team from The Barbados Advocate visited Bridgetown, two “floating” trees in the Careenage captured the attention of passers-by in the busy town-centre.

The beautifully adorned trees were apart of the Royal Commonwealth Society Barbados Branch’s annual Christmas in the Square initiative which featured the placement of illuminated artificial Christmas trees in the City. The trees were then decorated by school and college students and members of youth groups, using as their themes, the unique images and emblems of the Commonwealth countries and, using for their media, the recycled, repurposed and natural materials of Barbados. This year over 170 Christmas trees were erected in the City, and other locations.

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