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Happy Holidays - 2020

As we enter the holiday season, the Board of Directors of the Royal Commonwealth Society Ottawa reflects on the year that was 2020.

As a registered education charity we:

  • ESTABLISH BURSARIES for Commonwealth students at our post-secondary institutions;

  • ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE on Commonwealth issues, and

  • ENGAGE AND EMPOWER YOUTH as "Global Citizens".

2020 has been a challenging year for democracy around the world: COVID-19 has taken far too many lives, caused an economic slowdown, and rising unemployment; judicial independence has been put to the test; we have seen stark reminders that not all have equal rights or access to basic food and services; disinformation has infiltrated free-speech and seeded mistrust and division; and at the same time, extreme weather events remind us that far more needs to be done to address climate change. We have been put to the test, and so far have made it through with the support of our family, friends, community, and government. And, more hope is on the way with the arrival of vaccines. In the coming year, the Royal Commonwealth Society of Ottawa will continue to promote democracy and Commonwealth values through a perpetual dialogue to build consensus on a better way forward. Where our progress is measured by a kinder, more just, more fair, rational, more reasonable and more tolerant world.

The Royal Commonwealth Society, Ottawa wishes you and yours Happy Holidays.

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