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RCSO message on Queen's Birthday

Updated: May 21

Your Majesty,

Every April 21st gives us an opportunity to celebrate your birthday and reflect on your contributions, as a young girl, young monarch, and head of the family. Starting in 1940, as a young princess, you challenged children to “make the world a happier and better place”. As our monarch, each Christmas you invite millions of people from around the world into your home to hear your reflections about the year, yourself, your family, and your aspirations for the people of The Commonwealth family of nations. In times of hardship you look forward and instill hope, in times of change you inspire and encourage us to take leadership, in times of chaos you set the tone by cultivating poise, strong values, and responsibility. You lead by example with truth, fairness, empathy and compassion. You are the matriarch and guiding force for not just your family, but for The Commonwealth family of nations and for how global citizens should treat our planet. With our deepest respect and admiration, we congratulate you on this happy day and for your selfless devotion of service to The Commonwealth. Basil Crozier President and Chair, Royal Commonwealth Society, Ottawa

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