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Wishing Her Majesty The Queen a very happy 96th birthday today.

At the age of 21, Princess Elizabeth, made her first public speech on 13 October 1940, with a radio address to the children of the Commonwealth, many of them living away from home due to the war. In that speech, she said "when peace comes, remember it will be for us, the children of today, to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place".

Just 4 years later the age of 25, Queen Elizabeth II made the following remarks in her coronation speech:

"I have in sincerity pledged myself to your service, as so many of you are pledged to mine. Throughout all my life

and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust.

Parliamentary institutions, with their free speech and respect for the rights of minorities, and the inspiration of a broad tolerance in thought and expression - all this we conceive to be a precious part of our way of life and outlook."

As our monarch, each Christmas for a few minutes, you invite millions of people from around the world into your home to hear your reflections about the year, yourself, your family, and your aspirations for the people of The Commonwealth family of nations.

In times of hardship you looks forward and instill hope, in times of change you inspire and encourage us to take leadership, in times of chaos you set the tone by cultivating poise, responsibility and strong values. You are the matriarch of not only your family, but the Commonwealth family of nations.

We wish you a Happy Birthday, congratulate you on your Platinum Jubilee, and thank you for your 70 years of service.

"God Bless The Queen."

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