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Join the conversation on military health matters

PTSD, prosthetics, brain injury, robotics, medications, physical injury, mental health—the scope of research into military and veteran health issues gives us lots to talk about. Join the conversation by signing up for the Military Health Matters newsletter, and get a FREE PDF copy of the 2017 Veterans Benefits Guide.

Are veterans among the most vulnerable groups for suicide?

A 2015 Canadian Armed Forces report on suicide in the past decade suggests a trend toward a higher suicide rate among Regular Force males who have been deployed. “We haven’t seen the worst of this,” said suicidologist Antoon Leenaars. “That will come in five to seven years.… We could see a big increase in suicide.”

Solving sleepless nights

Insomnia and pain are big problems for serving military members and veterans alike. What’s being done to solve them? Full Story

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