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The day Prince Harry showed the world how to talk about our problems

When Bryony Gordon invited the prince to speak about mental health, she was expecting pre-checked PR speak. What she got was pure honesty.

There was a moment, waiting for Prince Harry to arrive, that I had to pinch myself. It wasn’t so much that I was about to interview a senior royal, though it would be a lie to say that I wasn’t massively overexcited about getting to spend time in a small room with the most eligible bachelor on the planet.

It was more what I was about to interview that senior royal about. In the bland, sanitised landscape that we currently find ourselves in, where the high-profile trot out pre-checked platitudes cooked up by PRs and provocateurs respond by saying things simply to wind people up, it has become increasingly hard to get anyone to say anything genuinely interesting or heartfelt.

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