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KFC just launched a plant-based chicken sandwich in the UK

The world’s most iconic fast food chicken chain this week (Jan. 6) announced the release of a new vegan chicken sandwich across the some 900 locations it operates in the United Kingdom.

If it performs well, KFC may begin testing a sandwich in other markets, including the US. And while Quorn is not the top name in plant-based meat alternatives—consumers are more likely familiar with Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods—it isn’t a small player. In 2018, it brought in some $31 million, reflecting about 19% in year-on-year growth.

With growing environmental impacts of beef production, 2019 was a big year for plant-based beef and pork options at US fast-food chains. Beyond Meat started showing up on menu boards at Carl’s Jr., Del Taco, Tim Horton’s, Dunkin’, and Subway. Impossible Foods made headlines by getting into Qdoba and Burger King. Already 2020 could prove to be even more monumental, as rumors continue to circulate that the world’s biggest burger chain, McDonald’s, is looking to launch a vegan offering. Read more ...

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