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How should we Mask COVID-19?

Updated: Feb 10

Global coronavirus deaths have been falling—but scientists are worried that more infectious new variants of the virus may reverse those trends. As quickly as vaccines were developed, the virus has evolved even more quickly. We need to change how we respond. Scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have started researching new mask standards. While medical-grade N95 masks are restricted to first responders, there is only interim guidance for general public masks, and no filtration regulations.

KN95 masks can be purchased publicly at local Dymon storage facilities for $1 each and filter out 95% of particulate, but it is important to fit them to your face.

In addition to the level of filtration a material provides, a key question is “Are you breathing through the material, or are you breathing through the gaps in the material?” There’s a simple test to see if your masks are actually working as a filter. Go outside on a cold day, and wear either glasses or sunglasses and breathe for 30 seconds. If your breath fogs the glasses, too much air may be leaving (and therefore coming in) above your nose or around your cheeks, rather than through the mask itself.

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