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Remembering the life of Sir Charles GUNNING

It is with great sadness and grief that we advise you of the passing of Sir Charles Gunning. On behalf of all of us of the Royal Commonwealth Society, we offer our greatest condolences and prayers to Linda Gunning and the entire family of Charles.

Sir Charles Gunning was an outstanding family man. He had a highly distinguished military and consulting career. For the Royal Commonwealth Society, he was the heart and soul; an inspiration to all of us. It was his drive, determination and exceptional leadership that lead to the founding of the National Student Commonwealth Forum (NSCF) in 1973, which became the very first student leadership development forum in the Commonwealth of Nations. He also was instrumental in aiding the development of the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute in Halifax, which has gone on to train more than 50% of the Chief Justices in the Commonwealth.

Sir Charles Gunning was not only a powerful leader in the Royal Commonwealth Society here; he held this leadership role internationally and nationally. The thousands of students who went through the NSCF have become MPs, MPPs, lawyers, diplomats, and CEOs in Canada and Internationally. Sir Charles Gunning was instrumental in their career choices.

With Linda Gunning, his entire family, and all his friends and colleagues, we mourn the passing of Sir Charles Gunning.


Royal Commonwealth Society, Ottawa


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