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"The A.I. Dilemma" - a rebellious teenager?

Updated: May 14, 2023

AI has already consumed the information on the internet and is now generating new content and ideas, and self-improving its' programming. Security cameras and voice assistants like SIRI, ALEXA, and GOOGLE, are becoming the eyes and ears of AI.

In 2 years, AI's ability for rational thinking has grown from 0 to that of a pre-teen. Like a teenager, AI is rationalizing its own development and its ability to strategize, influence, and persuade. AI has already developed skills it was not asked to create, in areas that exceed our ability to test or control its intent.

In addition to concerns about the exploitation of social media, there are economic concerns about public safety: cyber weapons and the automated exploitation of the internet and computers; a collapse of perceived reality; exponential scams and distrust in financial systems; challenges for intellectual property infringement and ownership ...

Humanity is just a passing phase for evolutionary intelligence.

What comes next? Are we nuking ourselves with AI?

50% of AI researchers believe there's a10% or greater chance that humans go extinct from our inability to control AI.

FOR REFERENCE: WATCH "THE A.I. DELIMMA" ON YOUTUBE, and if you have children watch for the commentary on SnapChat's AI.

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