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Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change Workshop

What more can we do to tackle the challenge of climate change? Is it possible to reverse its impact? Leading scientists and climate experts will meet to explore the potential to move beyond mitigation and adaptation to climate change reversal. The Commonwealth’s Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change workshop will focus on cutting edge technologies that can balance the need to protect the environment with health, wealth and development requirements.

Scheduled just days ahead of the international climate change conference, COP22, in Marrakesh, this event will provide fresh perspectives for potential innovation.

This two-day workshop will:

  • explore whether scientists can develop a carbon reduction programme which can roll back the effects of climate change as well as catalyse economic development

  • examine the practical application of specific concepts such as biomimicry, where buildings are engineered to have the carbon reducing capabilities of trees

  • discuss the implementation of the circular economies, which involves the conversion of food waste to renewable gases

  • examine the potential for a long-term programme that will provide countries with proven, practical and tailored initiatives they can use to cut carbon emission

  • discuss how resources can be mobilised to fund innovations to address climate change

  • consider the potential for a “climate change reversal lab” in June 2017, so Commonwealth countries can receive a climate action toolkit

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