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Kenya’s newest tech hubs are sprouting outside its “Silicon Savannah” in Nairobi

For years, Nairobi has been the cradle of technological innovation in Kenya, and the center of the country’s thriving tech ecosystem, famously known as Silicon Savannah.

Most of the innovation spaces, incubation centers, accelerators, and maker labs were also concentrated in the capital—making Nairobi an attractive spot for both technologists and investors. Some innovation spaces, such as the iHub, which was founded in 2010, have launched as many as 170 startups.

But over the last few years, tech hubs have sprouted up in other Kenyan cities and towns, including Mombasa (SwahiliBox), Kisumu (LakeHub), Eldoret (Dlab Hub), Voi (Sote Hub), Machakos (Ubunifu), and Nyeri (Mt. Kenya Hub and DeHub). Some of these hubs work independently, while others operate within the framework of academic institutions. But all of them support entrepreneurs working at the intersection of the technological, creative, and cultural sectors. Full Story


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